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Topographie de l'art
8 Feb → 4 Apr 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« An exhibition that explores the relationship maintained between man and animal. An original talk and great works!  »

Humanimalisms. Not an easy word to say. It explores this somewhat fusional concept of man and animal, and more precisely that man is also an animal. For how indeed how can we forget that man derives biologically from the same branch as the monkey, the dog or the jellyfish? That animal domestication has allowed its technical evolution? That he was able to reproduce, at certain moments in history, the Darwinian principle of struggle for life? That his outbursts of affection are as much towards his fellow human beings as towards his pet? In short, how can we forget that humans are also animals? In the field of postmodern art, there are more and more calls for the animal. The artist who requisitions for his own benefit the figure of the animal in order to mix in his own figure of human being is acting out what Michel Surya calls "humanimality". Convoking the animal becomes a way of getting closer to one's identity, hoping to find another meaning in it, of perhaps taming what one is or one's relationship with others, of "becoming human" by way of "becoming an animal" (Gilles Deleuze). The exhibition Topographie de l'art returns to this humanistic strategy of contemporary art through the work of artists such as Art Oriented Object, Horst Haack, Alix Delmas or Jan Fabre.


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