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Ilaria Turba. The desire to look far

60 min visit

MUCEM - Fort Saint-Jean
16 Jun → 27 Sep 2021
From Wednesday to Monday, from 10 am to 7 pm (8 pm until October). Closed Tuesday

« A long-term exhibition project, which reveals an imaginary world that has been buried for too long. »

Art in the heart of so-called difficult neighbourhoods or how to make culture, plastic expression find an echo within a community, a neighbourhood and its inhabitants. The exhibition "Le désir d'aller plus haut", conceived by Émilie Girard, chief curator of heritage and scientific director of the Mucem's collections, marks a new experience of dialogue between art and inhabitants. The Italian artist Ilaria Turba presents here the fruit of her three-year residency at ZEF - scène nationale de Marseille: a "collection of desires", like a collection of objects, that she gathered during her immersion in the 14th and 15th arrondissements of Marseille as well as in the imagination of its inhabitants. For this project, Ilaria Turba worked with the inhabitants of the districts near Merlan and Gare Franche to collect their "desires". She conducted workshops to make ritual breads ("breads of desire") to materialise the desires collected. She has also designed a "crossing of desires", a friendly and festive 12-kilometre route linking the Merlan theatre and the Gare Franche, which everyone will be able to take in June 2021. At the same time, the artist has explored the Mucem's collections in order to draw from them, in addition to the rich collection of breads, a selection of good luck charms which have inspired him to create contemporary amulets to be raffled off during the "Lottery of desires" which will precede the closing of the exhibition. The exhibition will run simultaneously at the Conservation and Resource Centre (JRC) and at Fort Saint-Jean. The first part, at the JRC, will be dedicated to the confrontation of the loaves of desire and a selection of objects from the collection chosen by a group of workshop participants for their formal or symbolic resonance. In the second part, at Fort Saint-Jean, the public will be invited to follow an itinerary retracing the different stages of the project through installations, photographs, drawings, sound traces, videos and posters, but also to meet the artist to continue to create, with her, traces of these desires to look far away. Produced in partnership with ZEF, Marseille's national stage, the exhibition is part of the Grand Arles Express within the framework of the "Rencontres internationales de la photographie Arles 2021".


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