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Contemporary art

In Stéphane Blanquet's heads.

90 min visit

Halle Saint-Pierre
5 Sep → 2 Jan 2022
Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Saturday until 7 pm.

« An exhibition that evolves over time!  »

Stéphane Blanquet unveils his world for a whole year! Enough to discover a large part of his production. As he is used to do, he is taking over the entire space of the Halle Saint Pierre. But this time, he is not alone... Starting on January 13th, "Tranchée racine" is added to the original event where about fifty international artists are invited to set up on the first floor. Finally, a publication is published every week, presenting nearly 500 artists from all over the world. Enough to perfect your knowledge of contemporary art! If he has a particular affection for graphic design, Stéphane Blanquet is a multidisciplinary artist: visual artist, director, draftsman, director... He has more than one string to his bow! He is part of the contemporary underground scene. Since the 1990's, he has accustomed us to his particular universe, animated and out of the ordinary. Here, Stéphane Blanquet draws us squarely into his thoughts where many things meet: shadow puppets, toys and dolls, installations, live shows and other mediums of the "subculture" as he calls it, mix together. As you will have understood, his inspirations are numerous. But it is the erotic comic strip from the 1970s to the 1990s that most appeals to him. Impulses, sex, organic ... So many things nourishing his creation that makes us discover the abyss of the human body. Stéphane Blanquet shows the immontestable, admits the unspeakable through symbols and innuendoes. He only reveals a part of our world through his own language. If the first visit wasn't enough to satisfy you, don't hesitate to go back: every four months, the artist adds new works!


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