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Contemporary art

In the flesh - Real bodies

40 min visit

Christian Berst Art Brut
14 Jun → 12 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« A fascinating dive into the depths of the soul! »

The body is at once a vehicle, an envelope and a sensitive surface that establishes our relationship to the world. With art, man has never ceased to represent himself, alone or in interaction with his environment, trying to approach and understand this incarnation. Very quickly, artists have divinized this body to reveal what goes beyond the mere flesh. They incarnated in the bodies the passions that animate them, first and foremost love and death. From Max Limberger to Marilena Pelosi, Misleidys Castillo Pedroso and Michel Nedjar, the exhibition at the Christian Berst Gallery presents a broad spectrum of the representation and appropriation of the body in Art Brut. In their work, raw artists transform the body in order to make the soul shine through. The body envelope becomes a pretext to attach to it and express the disorders that inhabit it, humanity, passions and, thus, better reveal the truth about what man is. Moreover, isn't it said, in English, in order to evoke the things we see "in truth" that they are presented "in the flesh"?


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