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Contemporary art

Izumi Kato

45 min visit

Galerie Perrotin Paris
29 Aug → 10 Oct 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« A marvellous work to be discovered without moderation!  »

Are you ready to enter the singular universe of Izumi Kato, Japanese artist unknown in France? It is sublime, colorful, alive.For his second exhibition at the gallery in Paris, Izumi Kato has brought together an assembly of strange creatures so diverse that it seems as though an entire macrocosm has been summoned to bear witness to the complexity and beauty of the worlds he explores. The Japanese artist presents here a diversity of forms and techniques that testify to the complexification of the supernatural pantheon that he has been developing for almost two decades. When describing the work of Izumi Kato (born in 1969, Shimane Prefecture, Japan), the first thing that inevitably comes to mind are large-eyed humanoid forms with natural protuberances, in wood, canvas, or soft vinyl. On first impression, his proliferation of strange creatures, with their variable sizes, the curious fact that none of them have feet, seem to belong to aliens. It is difficult to say whether they are hostile or benevolent. Kato seems to want to free himself from all constraints, so that his own creativity is his only limit. It makes sense, then, that he has always been interested in art brut. In its spontaneity, its obliviousness to the codes of art history, art brut shares with his painting a simple but essential diktat: freedom. Technical freedom, to start with, as found in the portraits of Jean Dubuffet, with whose work a number of parallels could be developed here. Without holding himself to standards of excellence or quantifiable results, Kato seeks above all to freely express form and color. He seeks to sculpt the figures in his paintings so naturally and simply that he ends up forgetting his brushes and using his own fingers. To discover without worries in family, from the youngest age!


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