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Japanese simplicity

60 min visit

Guimet Museum
21 Oct → 21 Sep 2021
From Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed Tuesday.

« When contemporary art and traditional crafts interact... »

Since Asia Now - Paris Asian Art Fair, which took place from 21 to 24 October 2020, the Guimet Museum has been showcasing contemporary Japanese and Indian art through a diverse and varied programme. Among them, the Mingei Bamboo Prize, which presents contemporary Japanese artists working with bamboo basketry, a traditional Japanese weaving art. Works referring to the art of flower arrangement complemented the woven objects. 11 works were selected from the 27 presented. These works, or rather objects, are called mingei. Although there is no exact definition, they are generally everyday objects. Indeed, mingei art is a movement that emerged in the 20th century that goes against the increasing industrialisation by respecting Japanese craft traditions. The objects are made in total anonymity, their functional and popular use being paramount and not their artistic quality. Some contemporary Japanese artists have drawn much inspiration from this ancestral technique. In the continuity of this prize, Japanese Simplicity is an exhibition that expresses the simplicity and delicacy of this 20th century Japanese decorative arts movement. The exhibition is still on view physically, of course, but is also available virtually. Go to the Musée Guimet website to see it, and to (re)discover the Mingei Bamboo Prize!


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