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Jean Dubuffet. Ler dla campane

75 min visit

Fondation Jean Dubuffet
21 Oct → 6 Mar 2020
From Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm. Closed Saturday & Sunday.

« Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the master of Art Brut"! It's fascinating! Ticket on site. »

"SQON NAPELE LE PE ISAJE LA CANPANE IARIIN QI MANBETE COMSA LACANPA NE SE PLIN DLE GUME ONDIRE UNE SOUPE MI NESETRON". Here is the statement made by Jean Dubuffet in "Ler dla campane", written in his invented jargon. He confides in it that he hates the countryside, which bores him, where he finds nothing beautiful. For its reopening, the Dubuffet Foundation proposes to return to this theme as hateful as it is fascinating, dear to the painter. It runs through the whole of his creation, from the work in the fields and the cows in the 1940s, the botany and wild gardens of Vence at the end of the 1950s, to the suburban landscapes of the Val-de-Marne in the 1970s. The landscape rises vertically and only reveals a thin streak of sky, giving way to Dubuffet's sometimes unrealistic colours. Dubuffet mistreats perspective and creates approximate forms, turning his back on academic art. If the countryside is often clearly the subject of his paintings, Dubuffet also sometimes conducts a real archaeology there by painting the grounds. In this way, the painter explores every phenomenon of this much-loved, yet inspiring countryside.


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