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Jean-Marc Bustamante. Great Vacancy

45 min visit

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
9 Dec → 16 Jan 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« When the artist takes over... Discover the new paintings of the former Director of Fine Arts of Paris! »

For his new series, Jean-Marc Bustamante has painted on a rather special support! It is gesso coated with plaster and sand, normally used to coat a surface before painting a mural fresco. Surprising, isn't it? The artist did not paint on a flat surface but on something irregular. And the result is amazing! This is not the first time Jean-Marc Bustamante has changed medium. He is doing this rather regularly since the beginning of his career, constantly going back and forth between sculpture, painting and photography. He questions the nature of painting, its origin and the status of the art object, always in a humorous way. Since his meeting and collaboration with the sculptor Bernard Bazile in 1983, the question of the object, beyond the disciplines, has been essential to him. His work has always been very free and open since then. What he is really looking for is to make a new kind of painting with each series to try to find its exhaustion. This can be felt here regarding the extended and almost erased lines of his drawings. One of the only constant things in Bustamante's work is the subjects he depicts. These are mainly landscapes, or at least what appear to be organic forms. He himself says: "My painting says nothing more than what I am and it is addressed to the one who looks at it. It does not force anything. It tells the fragility of the world and its magic. One can pass in front of it without seeing it, it is without qualities, but it does not prevent anyone from recognizing the movement of life."


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