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Jean Tinguely Do-it-yourself and Collage Debriefing(s)

45 min visit

Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois
12 Sep → 20 Oct 2019
From Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Sunday.

« Tinguely's zany sculptures are to be seen by both adults and children alike!  »

It squeaks, it makes noise, but it feels good. The works designed by Jean Tinguely are mostly sound sculptures. They make a noise. A "poetic" sound that is the expression of life. It is in this sense that Tinguely's works are always successful. With more than a dozen works never shown in France, the exhibition offers a plunge into the 1970s and a turbulent spectacle of colours and sounds: feathers, scrap metal, wheels and DIY tools invade the gallery's space and defy the codes of art. During this period, the artist exploded color, fantasy, and gave birth to crazy projects such as the Cyclops in Milly-la-Forêt and carnival processions! Throughout this decade, Tinguely continued to defy artistic expectations. It demonstrates its ability to surprise the art world and the public again and again. His works are comic, inventive, rebellious but above all amusing, encouraging all those who meet them to smile and laugh. Tinguely's work in the 1970s seems particularly determined to keep the Dada spirit alive. As a neo-Dadaist, Tinguely reproduces one of Duchamp's most famous gestures: stripping a tool of its usefulness and transforming it into something else, as shown in the 1974 work "Hommage à Dada-Max", a light sculpture involving four feathers - red, blue, yellow and green - attached to a hedge trimmer electric motor. By combining junk or waste objects with DIY tools - drills, wrenches, hammers, saws - Tinguely places his scrap sculptures on pedestals and imitates high-art in a constant comings and goings between functionality and art, futile movements only exacerbating the joke.


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