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Contemporary art

Joël Andrianomearisoa, The land of all possibilities

45 min visit

Galerie RX
2 Jul → 30 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« A solo exhibition that was originally planned for Future Fair 2020, New York. So it's a chance to discover it as soon as this weed-end in Paris!  »

Joël Andrianomearisoa is an artist just as rare in France and unknown to the general public as his work is singular. Enriched by the know-how of Madagascar (fibres, silk or rare plant species) and by his training as an architect at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture with Odile Decq, Joël Andrianomearisoa is sensitive to all materials (from fabrics and papers to plastics), to dark atmospheres (black is his reference colour), and plays with all techniques: drawing, installation, performance, video, photography? Many of his works involve human relationships where friendship, love, passion, hope as well as despair, nostalgia to the point of impossibility are staged without other a priori or obsolescence. His work always expresses a form of fragility as an essential force of life. Black is emblematic of his universe. With its power of deep fascination, the artist invites us to plunge into the Malagasy night, when it is unfathomable, sublime and inexpressible. On the other hand, behind this elusive labyrinth of darkness that he builds, Joël Andrianomerisoa is also looking for a structure, a means by which he is able to retranscribe his emotions: the monochrome reveals the beauties of an empty inner abyss, as well as the depths of nostalgia.


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