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JonOne. Abstracted Expressionism

45 min visit

David Pluskwa Gallery
14 Jun → 4 Jul 2021

« His name may not mean anything to you... However, you have probably already seen one of his works. »

Born in Harlem in 1963, JonOne arrived in France at the age of 24. Since then, his artistic style and technique have continued to evolve: blue period, pointillism, oils, dripping... The production of the New York graffiti artist is diverse both in the colours used and in the processes used to produce his works. According to him, "it is only once freed from technique that an artist can let the strings of expressionism resonate. In fact, abstraction begins where mastery ends." The result of a partnership between gallery owners Martine Ehmer and David Pluskwa, this solo exhibition presents JonOne's latest creations, in which acrylics appear as a new phase in the artist's artistic journey. His famous signature remains recognisable, despite the many aesthetic changes. JonOne is the most important contemporary abstract expressionist artist from the world of graffiti.


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