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Contemporary art

Justin Weiler. Operire #5

60 min visit

Galerie Paris-Beijing
30 Jan → 15 Mar 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« A sure gesture, a meticulous work, a poetic work. An artist to be followed without moderation!  »

The tension between the invisible and the visible. This is what the first exhibition of Justin Weiler, a young French artist, shows. He is interested in what is usually hidden and obstructs what is usually shown in plain sight. Attentive to borders and openings, his subjects are greenhouses, windows and walls, whose functions he overturns. Here is Ad Retro, a backlit greenhouse coated in a frenetic and liberating gesture of Meudon white, which covers what is often used for display. Here, Bouquet pour Annie a drawing in the form of a grid, as if one were looking at this decaying bouquet of flowers through a window. "Operire" recalls the metaphor of the iron curtain, a pretext for a play of matter and light where haloes of light and vibrant black follow one another. Justin Weiler's monochromatic work is a succession of frenetic gestures, producing layers to allow for in-depth work, like a sculptor. The initial subject becomes a support, the trace left as a drawing. The artist reverses our perceptions. The Latin word "Operire" cover, cover, hide, conceal, sums up his obsession and his artistic gesture. We stroll through the exhibition and the works on display mutate into openings: they give the impression of being locked out and the desire to move to the other side.


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