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Katinka Bock. Tumult in Higienópolis

45 min visit

Lafayette Anticipations
9 Oct → 5 Jan 2020
From Wednesday to Monday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Tuesday.

« A spectacular project in all Lafayette Anticipations' spaces! »

Katinka Bock's work has been the subject of numerous international institutional exhibitions, but in a surprising way never in Paris, the city where she has lived for several decades. Katinka Bock's sculptures, performative actions or installations are always the result of an experience related to a specific place whose physical and material conditions she has probed while exploring their historical, political and social dimension. The restoration of a building in Hanover offers an unexpected opportunity to design an original. This building, the Anzeiger-Hochhaus in Hanover, is one of the city's landmark buildings. It is a large rectangular block of red bricks topped by a 12-metre diameter dome of copper that has been greenened over time. A mythical place of editorial activity, its basement has seen the birth of such important periodicals as Der Stern and Der Spiegel. The restoration of this listed building was an opportunity for Katinka Bock to recover part of the copper plates. The artist sees in the configuration of the Hanover building analogies with that of Lafayette Anticipations, a place of thought and creation whose basements are dedicated to production, to rise towards public spaces whose physical but also symbolic ascension characteristic has not escaped him. Organized in collaboration with the Kestner Gesellschaft, Hanover, Katinka Bock's intervention proposes to occupy the central space of the Foundation with an installation all in suspension, in which her poetics of measurement, her rare sensitivity of matter and time will be expressed in majesty.


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