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Kim KototamaMoon Prologue to the matter

50 min visit

Galerie Da-End
23 Jan → 7 Mar 2020
From Tue to Thur from 2 pm to 7 pm. Fri & Sat from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sun & Mon.

« A plunge into the depths of matter. Magnificent!  »

Emptiness is called by scientists, "prologue to matter": it is what precedes it, what pre-exists it, what is often difficult to apprehend. It is with this feeling and this concept that Kim KototamaLune confronts herself in her work. The artist creates glass sculptures that she welds or spins conscientiously, without moulds or dies, in order to better confront the void. Three major installations punctuate the exhibition and introduce us to this fragile universe, in search of meaning of the artist of Vietnamese origin. An eroded tree with hatched shoots refers to the metamorphosis of bodies; an immense receptacle egg questions the quest for origins; an inordinately large embryonic heart evokes the richness of the heart. His interests in neuroscience, quantum physics or oriental philosophy are reflected in his art, which serves scientific questioning rather than aesthetic research. Moved by a necessity, the artist creates in his works the possibility of an in-between space and reveals the interstices, the correspondences between emptiness and matter, the invisible in the visible.


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