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Kriki. Mediase

60 min visit

Suzanne Tarasieve Paris
17 Oct → 30 Dec 2020
Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« How about adding colours to the Parisian grayness, would you like to ? »

For his first exhibition at the Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery, the Syrian artist Kriki unveils a new series of oils on canvas and drawings. The title of this exhibition "Mediase" is the contraction of the words "meduse" (jellyfish in french) and "media". Discover geometrical and colourful compositions, where ancient traditions and technological modernity are mixed. Punk at its core, Kriki never ceases to criticise the society where culture is being consumed more and more quickly. According to him, medias are spreading contemporary fears: religious and political conflicts, ecological catastrophe, oppressive regimes are all subjects that the artist deals with in his paintings. But when you take a closer look, they are in fact much more intimate than they appear! Previously worked on the computer, these compositions are full of small details about the artist's personal life. In particular, we find the FUZZ, a polymorphous imaginary character invented in 1985. Since then, Kriki's universe revolves around this figure who has become the emblem of his work. Allegorical characters in far-fetched situations with pop colours, that's the whole of Kriki's astonishing universe!


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