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Contemporary art

Lionel Sabatté Excentric concretions

60 min visit

Espace Julio Gonzalez - Arcueil
9 Jan → 8 Feb 2020
Wed and Sat from 2 pm to 7 pm. Thu and Fri from 4 pm to 7 pm. Closed Mon, Tue and Sun.

« A real immersion in this extraordinary artistic universe. To discover quickly! »

Dust, dead skin, nail clippings, rusty iron liquid, tea... Surprising list of materials that we would like to discard. Yet, these are the substances that Lionel Sabatté recovers to create. He uses dust like clay and shapes it to create hybrid beings, chimeras or animals; chooses pigments such as turmeric for colouring, scrap metal and vegetable fibres; uses fire to create shapes on his canvases. Guided by his appetite for organic materials, the artist multiplies practices, supports and materials. As close as possible to the natural, he brings us closer to our animality, to our relationship with the mineral and organic environment, but also to the experimental construction of language, which is reflected here in the experimental construction of the works. A fragility of materials for a fragility of existence, natural mediums for beings deep in the earth. This exhibition proposes a real immersion in this extraordinary artistic universe, full of wonder, exploration of the living and discovery of its possibilities.


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