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Liu Bolin, Hiding on the 38th Parallel North

45 min visit

Galerie Paris-Beijing
7 Sep → 26 Oct 2019
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« This exhibition marks the great return of the "invisible artist" to more political statements. We love it!  »

North Korea. A territory that is not welcoming a priori, secret, where it is difficult to understand what is happening or being played out. This is precisely what the Chinese artist Liu Bolin has tried to capture in his own way. In June 2018, he visited the country for the first time to perform a series of 7 performances on the theme of individual freedoms. Son of the Cultural Revolution and with a personal experience of censorship, this journey takes him back to the genesis of his first works. Hiding in front of the North Korean regime's omnipresent indoctrination images, in a hyper-structured system that leaves no room for the unexpected, Liu Bolin once again puts his silent protest into action. In 2005, his first series "Hiding in the City" presents a self-portrait of the motionless artist covered in paint, merging with the rubble of his studio, located in the artist's district razed to the ground by the Chinese government. A silent protest: Liu Bolin makes himself invisible to get noticed. Since then, he has created works combining photography, body art, optical art and living sculpture. This chameleon-man poses for hours in front of a wall, landscape or monument to blend into the scenery - with his eyes closed, his silhouette barely visible - with the help of his assistant painters, without any digital faking. At the end of the camouflage process, he freezes the performance through photography. The exhibition will also be an opportunity to discover Liu Bolin's latest works in drawing and sculpture, and to take part in a live performance during the opening.


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