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Street art

Louis Granet, Miracle World

45 min visit

Gilles Drouault - galerie/multiples
18 Jun → 1 Aug 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm. Closed Sunday and Monday

« Discover a prolific artist with a dense and affirmed style!  »

From a cartoonist culture, Louis Granet learned to build an image, to conceive a narrative, to form a drawing in a box. From this world, he has retained the codes of the comic strip, which encourage order. His universe borrows from everyday life, but from a daily life overloaded with objects, bright colours and symbols. The young French painter works with saturation, in reference to the world abundant in images in which he grew up. Here, a disarticulated doll is placed on a bag of various objects, scraps destined for the garbage cans or a second life in a garage sale. There, the site markers are torn, damaged by the weather. But above all, a series of flowers, painted especially for the exhibition at the gallery of multiples. Caught by the canvases, we contemplate their multiplicity, their deformations, their details, their bright colors. There is no judgment in the process: Louis Granet gives to see. In his paintings, he exaggerates the world and reorganizes chaos. His overloads of patterns and colours break perspective and disturb perception, forcing the viewer to think about what he is looking at - and what he is experiencing.


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