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45 min visit

Discovery Palace
8 Oct → 27 Sep 2020
From Tue to Sat from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Sun from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed on Mon.

« A fun and unexpected exhibition for adults and children alike!  »

A family outing? An exhibition on Love, this deep and universal feeling? This is what the Palais de la découverte offers. Enigmatic, the all-powerful engine of so many stories, love seems particularly difficult to grasp. "Love" questions this mysterious feeling by relying on scientific and artistic work. But what is love? Empathy? A simple attachment? Are we talking about maternal love? Between two people? For his pet? Where French only uses the term "love", Greek uses four words: érōs, desire, carnal passion; storgê, family love; agapē, selfless love and philía, friendship, social bond. Behind the simplicity of these definitions lies a concept that is neither sex, nor camaraderie, nor friendship, nor generosity. An approach with four entries that will allow you to unravel this mystery a little more and discover the latest scientific research (the affective sciences) on love. By combining love and science, two a priori contradictory fields, the exhibition "De l'amour" offers a transdisciplinary exploration of this feeling with many nuances. Works of art, films, video games and workshops take us through the different forms of love, from the first cuddly toy to love at first sight. An exhibition at the crossroads of science, society and art to better understand love and question the place that this feeling occupies in our lives.


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