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Lucien Murat. One to Rule Them All

60 min visit

Suzanne Tarasieve Paris
7 Dec → 25 Jan 2020
Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« A first successful solo exhibition presenting a plethora of apocalyptic tapestries ! »

The din is deafening. Here, the shocks of scrap metal, the barking of monstrous dogs and incessant detonations. Here, the suffocating smell of burnt asphalt and poison gas. Then, the crackling of pixels in computers with lost connections. A dark era is dawning. This is the universe that Lucien Murat has written and that he presents at the Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery in his first solo exhibition. A series of apocalyptic tapestries tell the story of the odyssey the artist has built over the years. In a ravaged world, the demiurge Megathesis, a hero with three arms, four legs and a lacerated head, will one day create five worlds, five abominations linked to the five senses, which he will have to face. Strange without being foreign, the images of Lucien Murat do not leave one indifferent. The artist seizes subcultures (video games, comic strips, science fiction) to generate alliances with painting, sculpture and tapestry, diversifying techniques to best transcribe the idea of chaos in his story. Fruit of "post-internet" art, the images of these myths are slightly outdated, but nevertheless evoke our present. Attempting to give meaning to the virtual that surrounds us, Megathesis wants to be the guide to this new reality.


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