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Lucy + Jorge Orta - Orta Drawing Lab

45 min visit

Drawing Lab Paris
8 Sep → 29 Oct 2020
Every day from 11 am to 7 pm.

« Who said the drawing was dead? The proof, with this exhibition of the duo Orta, that it is always very present at the beginning of a creation. »

An unpublished exhibition on the little-known work of these two great artists, Lucy and Jorge Orta. The latter have never shown the complete process of their creation, even though the practice of drawing is an essential component of their projects. This duo of artists has been collaborating since 1992. Their work revolves notably around environmental issues and uses a wide variety of media: drawing, sculpture, photography, ephemeral interventions and performances. Nevertheless, drawing is at the very beginning of their creations. It is first of all a testimony to an original idea and its metamorphosis until it blossoms into a given physical form, but it also punctuates the evolution of the project. Here, the Drawing Lab becomes the Orta's ephemeral laboratory. Transposing their workshop, it allows to understand the creative development, to discover the drawings that feed a work in progress, but also to explore drawing with several hands. To this end, in addition to the discovery of the drawings of the two artists, a mural fresco will be created as the exhibition progresses, as a witness to a collaborative work in multiple stages.


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