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Contemporary art

Madelynn Green. Birth of a Star

45 min visit

Almine Rech Gallery
16 Jan → 27 Feb 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« For her first solo show, Madelynn Green retraces the history of black culture in its main lines. Personal history or pure commitment?  »

In full Black Lives Matter movement, Madelynn Green unveils committed canvases. Her works are all created using the same process: a face, a scene or a motif stands out against a plain black background. Madelynn Green has managed to create a visual language of her own, borrowing some codes from film photography: the shots, the blurred shapes, the black background as a focus... It is her own way of putting political and social concepts into images. Among them, Blackness and everything that builds it. Madelynn Green seizes the motifs that participate in the creation of the black imaginary. The young painter goes back in time and gives us a historical testimony of her culture, which she perceives in its entirety: music, art, philosophy, literature... So many things that shape Black culture! Like a free jazz composition, Madelynn Green's paintings evolve in space freely with musicality. Music holds a particularly important place in black culture: liberating and powerful, it has allowed many people to express themselves. The memory of this music, passed down through generations, has been made possible by sampling and archiving certain pieces today. Photography has also strongly contributed to it: it allows to illustrate a concept, an idea, an important moment, just like Madelynn Green's paintings do!


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