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Modern art

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

60 min visit

Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery
19 Sep → 16 Nov 2019
Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« Discover the work of one of the greatest artists in abstract painting!  »

The work of Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, an artist of Portuguese origin, naturalized French, a major figure in abstract expressionism in France, is back in force. It is quite naturally that the Jeanne Bucher Jaeger gallery organizes this retrospective. Indeed, just a few years after Vieira da Silva’s arrival in Paris in 1928 she became acquainted with Jeanne Bucher, who was the first gallerist to show her work and to whom Vieira da Silva remained faithful through the generations, until her death in 1992. The gallery has been defending her work ever since. Bringing together key paintings and works on paper from throughout the artist’s career, the exhibition will explore Vieira da Silva’s unique approach to depicting space through poetic, semi-abstract compositions. There is a labyrinthine quality to her paintings’ structures, which invite the viewer to roam within the multidirectional spaces, to penetrate a system that reveals the complexity of the world. Vieira da Silva became an integral member of the expressive abstract movement in Paris following the Second World War. Studying and assimilating the early Modern styles of Cubism, Geometric Abstraction and Futurism, she embraced ambiguity between lyrical and geometric form in amalgamations of illusionistic space and defined her own personal visual vocabulary, unique in the world of painting. As one of many émigré artists living in Paris in the post-war period, the infinite perspective of her compositions could be understood as revealing Vieira da Silva’s fundamental exploration of space’s recesses and connections, be they intimate or distant. Through this important exhibition, and to underline the rare pictorial universe of a woman painter in an international context, the Paris gallery Jeanne Bucher Jaeger joins in collaboration with Waddington Custot and Di Donna Galleries. This unique exhibition tours the three spaces, thus reshuffling each time the cards of works that are deeply contemporary for their global vision of a space made of countless interwoven connections, to bring the work of a very beautiful painter back to life.


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