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Contemporary art

Marion Charlet. And summer will return

45 min visit

Galerie Paris-Beijing
5 Nov → 16 Jan 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« Need to escape? Discover Marion Charlet's wonderful art for a journey out of time! »

A holiday atmosphere has set in at the Paris-Beijing gallery where you will want to stay for a few moments! For her first solo exhibition, Marion Charlet immerses the visitor into her atypical universe, thanks to compositions each more colourful than the other. Paintings and drawings reveal large villas looking like hanciendas surrounded by a bright and somewhat disorderly greenery. The balance of these compositions is perfect! No human presence is indicated, except for a few clues suggesting the possible rapid passage of any individuals. The French artist works from photographs of existing places that she modifies once on the canvas: lines, shapes, perspective... Everything is almost reworked! We are fully dipped in another reality, her reality. Out of time, Marion Charlet's compositions are bewitching because of their bright colours. Her new Ciao series of 2020 introduces the human figure on large formats only. But the anonymous silhouettes still easily project themselves into these idyllic window paintings.


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