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History & Civilizations

Marquise Arconati Visconti

60 min visit

Museum of Decorative Arts
13 Dec → 15 Mar 2020
Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Nocturnal Thursday until 9 pm. Closed Monday.

« Discover the exceptional destiny of this free woman and exceptional patron of the arts!  »

"Benefactor of the arts and literature". This is the name of the marquise Arconati Visconti. A woman of letters and culture with an exceptional background and manifest convictions, the young woman married the Marquis Visconti in 1873. He died quickly, leaving her as the sole legatee of his property. She then moved to Paris, to a private mansion that became the breeding ground for her multiple interests. She has been living there with intellectual and political personalities such as Jean Jaurès, Léon Gambetta, Gaston Paris; she contributes to the creation of scholarships for major institutions; but above all, she receives museum curators and art collectors who advise her. His eclectic taste covers various fields and periods: from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, from Asian to Islamic arts. Driven by the desire to enrich museums, it donates its acquisitions, allowing us today to admire its collection gathered in the exhibition. A great opportunity to pay tribute to a true heritage patron!


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