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Mathieu Dufois, A shadow that never goes away

45 min visit

Praz-Delavallade Paris
28 Mar → 18 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« High quality work, to be discovered without fail »

Drawing is at the heart of the work of Mathieu Dufois, a young French artist, born in 1984, who lives and works in Tours. Presented for the first time at the Praz-Delavallade gallery, Mathieu Dufois proposes a trip to the lands of Egypt where he was in residence for a few months in 2018. A work marked by the Fayoum Oasis, drawings like wanderings along the Nile, rural landscapes imbued with a tranquility that distorts time and perception. His works are so realistic that one would almost believe it: here the texture of the sand under our feet, there the inhabitants passing by, without forgetting this building whose interior we can already imagine. However, Mathieu Dufois is not interested in reproducing reality. The world is both a theatre of the real and the imaginary, and it is this vision that the artist favours. In his drawings, he rather seeks the echo or reflection of reality, because reproducing reality is always incomplete, biased by our own representation. With a surprising delicacy, Mathieu Dufois plays with graphic language to offer us his own lexicon and, finally, his translation of the world he travels through.


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