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Visual art

Melody Mousset. The Peeled

60 min visit

Swiss Cultural Centre
27 Oct → 2 Feb 2020
From Tuesday to Sunday 1 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday.

« A fantastic exhibition. An artist to discover absolutely! »

Indexing, mapping, and then narrating a "self" through one's own body. Deconstructing oneself, studying, in order to better reconstruct oneself afterwards. This is the process that Mélodie Mousset follows in her works. In the film Intra Aura, presented here for the first time, she uses medical visualization technologies to photograph herself and her interior; she replicates her organs in 3D; she relates them to shamanic rites. A true disembodiment to take possession of her body, which seems to be in permanent metamorphosis, ready to escape her. This exploration is not always solitary, as shown in the iterative work HanaHana where she creates an immersive fantasy universe in which each spectator can leave his trace. The artist can only speak to everyone: underlying all her research is the universal question of the search for identity and origins. How to escape heredity? How to see down to the depths of the bodies? How can we live in a contemporary world where all our movements, desires and beings are analysed, creating "transparent citizens"? From these absolute questionings, an original work is created, a true belief in one's own imagination and inner life.


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