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Simon Faithfull. Memories From The Future

45 min visit

Galerie Polaris
5 Sep → 10 Oct 2020

« A foretaste of tomorrow's world brought about by today's ecological disaster. »

For this new exhibition at the Polaris gallery, Simon Faithfull presents his latest short film entitled "Reconstitution for a future scenario 2: Cap Romano". A pensive man stands on what appears to be the roof of a futuristic looking house. Almost entirely submerged by water, it is the ruins of a luxury house in Florida, built in 1979 by an oil engineer. It was quickly destroyed by Hurricane Andrew thirteen years later. Since 2013, the island's sand has been totally engulfed. Between land and sea, the film brings together images from the past showing the house still furnished. These temporal comings and goings blur our knowledge of time: is this the past, a time when the house was still alive? Or is it the future where the limits between sky and earth space are blurred by global warming?


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