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Monet/Colombet. Painting like the river

90 min visit

Marmottan-Claude Monet Museum
19 May → 3 Oct 2021
Tue to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm. Nocturnal Thu until 8 pm. Closed Mon.

« 113 years separate them and yet their works are similar! »

A journey, a meeting, a loss... So many chances in our lives that can be decisive! For artists, this is generally felt in their works. For example, the discovery of painting outdoors considerably changed the artistic practice of Impressionist painters. For Vicky Colombet, it is the places she has been that inspire her. Born in Paris, she travelled extensively in Asia in her youth, moving several times between France and the United States. From the French Cévennes to the Hudson Valley in New York State, the artist has been inspired by the places where she has lived, but also by their culture: American expressionism, feminist movements in France etc. Her autonomous practice takes shape thanks to the things that surround her. Vicky Colombet meticulously chooses her canvases, grinds her own pigments and makes her own coating. This long mechanism is close to the evolutionary process of nature. Do her canvases seem rather abstract to you or do they resemble studies of nature? There is no good answer! Because above all, Vicky Colombet wishes to be in communion with the elements that surround her. Just like Monet did in Giverny by the way! She wishes to "paint like the river", to produce with the natural elements and not to depict them on a canvas. After 19 years spent in the United States, her return to France is not insignificant: the artist is fascinated by the shapes, colours and light of Monet's painting "Bras de Seine near Giverny, sunrise". The aim here is to make this painting dialogue with the series Du monde flottant by Vicky Colombet. Let yourself float and talk between the two worlds, so close and yet so different at the same time.


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