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More light / Mehr Licht

60 min visit

Museum of Old Aix - Hôtel Estienne de Saint-Jean
19 Feb → 19 Sep 2021
Every day from 10am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 6pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

« One is French, the other is German. Two artists with very different practices and yet united for this enlightened exhibition!  »

Suzanne Hetzel's work is like a photographic curiosity cabinet. She captures objects that she assembles, dismantles or breaks. But above all, she brings them to light. From an innovative point of view, she manages to capture the essence of these forgotten objects and freezes them in time through her photographs. Didier Petit prefers drawing. Generally in large format, his works inhabit the space they occupy while revealing its architecture. Although the two artists do not work in the same artistic medium, they are similar in one sense: they play with light and shadow, the perceptible and the invisible, the hidden and the uncovered. The combination of their work in the same exhibition was not obvious. It all began with the large collection of lanterns, lamp posts and various lighting objects in the Aix museum's reserves! This collection, invisible because it is in storage, has been sleeping for far too long. Suzanne Hetzel and Didier Petit wanted to bring back to life parts of history that had been put in the shade...


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