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Contemporary art


60 min visit

Galerie LJ
10 Oct → 21 Nov 2020
Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Closed Sunday and Monday

« This timeless exhibition will make you lose yourself between the real and the fantastic world. »

Myths, urban legends, sacred tales and other rituals... So many allegorical and fabulous stories that have inspired artists since the dawn of time. Gallery LJ presents four young contemporary artists with different practices, but with common sources of inspiration: ancient myths! Like his Greco-Roman predecessors, Léo Caillard works in stone. However, he modifies the subjects treated in ancient practice: either he distorts them by distorting mythical characters; or he sculpts contemporary figures, straight out of today's society. It is a very contemporary work anchored in the past: the Louvre has given him the use of its moulding workshops, which allows him to work on real official reproductions of the museum's works! Lise Stoufflet works more in painting and drawing. She takes us into an unknown universe with images that are nevertheless familiar, since they are generally everyday scenes. Strange feeling! We are lost between dream and reality... Justin Liam O'Brien is a queer painter. He leads a pictorial reflection on his life and on the condition of queer people. He builds his work around the story of his personal experience embodied by anonymous and androgynous characters. Everybody can recognize himself in the work of the New York painter, just like in the ancient myths! As for Oda Sønderland, she is fascinated by Japanese anime and manga. Maybe it has nothing to do with the ancient world? In reality, it allows her to reflect as an adult on her relationship with a fantasy world and her personal anxieties. A bit like myths after all, because they have the capacity to provoke reflection and emotion by being in the wonderful and fantastic. The Norwegian artist's watercolour paintings float in a disturbing strangeness, between dream and reality.


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