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Contemporary art

Nadia's colours

90 min visit

Musée de l'Annonciade
3 Jul → 14 Nov 2021
From Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Closed on Monday

« This is the first exhibition dedicated to Nadia Léger (1904-1982) on French territory! A must-see  »

It would be a mistake to constantly present Nadia Khodossievitch in the shadow of her husband, Fernand Léger. This new exhibition aims to show the importance of the artist in the field of art history. Moreover, the title encourages us to remember her first name more than the image that her name conjures up. After her drawing training at the Palace of Arts created by the new Soviet power in Russia, she continued her apprenticeship in the classes of Władysław Strzemiński and Kasimir Malevich, where she produced her first supremacist works. To date, only one oil on canvas, Paperweight from 1920, and a Sketchbook from 1919-1920 remain. During her studies at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts in 1921, she came into contact with the Polish avant-garde. She completed her training in Paris, at the Académie Moderne then directed by Amédée Ozenfant and Fernand Léger. The latter hired her as an assistant in his new Academy of Contemporary Art, a position she held until the end of her life. Her marriage to the artist, already established in 1952, was a turning point in Nadia Khodossievitch's work, which produced works impregnated with Russian socialist realism while assuming the cubist influence of her husband. Nadia Léger's singular and diverse work is inspired by both Cubism and Surrealism. A great artist, she lived all her life in the shadow of her husband. Even after his death, she devoted all her free time to his memory, at the expense of her own work, which is still too little known today... Tickets on site.


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