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Nam Tchun-Mo. Line pilot

45 min visit

Ceysson & Bénétière
3 Sep → 10 Oct 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« Lines, traces, colors that become landscapes... It's magical!  »

The art of Nam Tchun-Mo is rather minimalist. To understand it, one must first of all understand the artist and his inspirations... The lines that Nam Tchun-Mo draws refer to his childhood. Originally from Yeongyang, a small town in South Korea, he grew up in the middle of tobacco and pepper fields. This is why his work focuses on furrows, light and colors: the lines take up the edges of the fields, the light refers to the shimmering of the plastic tarpaulins in the sun and the colors recall the red of the chilli pepper, the black of the tarpaulins and the brown of the tobacco. Declined in all directions, the lines show us the direction in which to look: flat, straight, broken, grooves... Nothing is left to chance, everything is calculated! Moreover, if you look carefully, the lines seem to move. Well ordered certainly, but not dynamic and rhythmic! Depending on your point of view, you have the impression that some of them are brushing against each other without touching each other. It is the technique used by Nam Tchun-Mo that gives this impression. Painted on canvas or cut in resin, they are all monochrome. The artist plays with light and shadows to give effects of vibration and depth, creating a perfect harmony on the surface of the canvas. Nam Tchun-Mo is very attentive to the chosen material, the monochromy and the gestures he executes. He explores new perspectives by giving life to lines that become landscapes. Halfway between sculpture and painting, the Korean artist's works create an infinite space between the lines.


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