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Nathalie Talec One size fits all

45 min visit

Maubert Gallery
5 Sep → 31 Oct 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« A surprising exhibition that revisits the codes of fashion with humour for this unclassifiable French artist on the international art scene.  »

September is usually one of the fashion highlights in Paris. But this year, with the cancellation of Fashion Week, catwalks and shows, the galleries of the marsh will not lend their spaces to fashion houses and will not be transformed into show rooms. On the other hand (since it has never rented its space on these occasions), the Galerie Maubert is dedicating an exhibition to a very special line. The objects created by Nathalie Talec are at the same time singular clothes, down jackets against the cold, practicable sculptures and even performance spaces. They return to the primary function of clothing: that of protection. The exhibition "One size fits all" at Galerie Maubert associates to these clothing sculptures sets of old (the "backpacks/shelters", 1985) or recent (gold leaf drawings of silhouettes in weightlessness ("Shamanic apparition", 2020) drawings, watercolours in preparation for clothing, but also self-portraits associated with fantastic mask-objects and disproportionate hoods), vintage photographs ("Five minutes on the road to the Pole", where the Eskimo artist performs in the Cologne subway in 1983 ) and videos ("Gravity", 1981). What strikes us in this ensemble, floating to the sound of the music composed by the artist, is the way in which the body, anonymous even in the use of icons (the Barbie) or the disguise of self-portraits, becomes everyone's body. The one that survives. And if the images are superimposed, if the faces are erased, hidden, it is less to disappear than to favour a necessary introspection into the anonymity of beauty or the refuge of art.


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