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Visual art

Nicolas Sassoon Subterranea

40 min visit

Galerie Charlot
29 Oct → 6 Feb 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« A poetic way to venture into the depths of the earth! »

"To think ecology not only through subjectivity and social relations". This phrase by Félix Guattari inspired Nicolas Sassoon in his approach to the underground, and to certain "submerged" realities, both geologically and socially. He reveals it in his first solo exhibition at Galerie Charlot, with three of his latest projects to be presented: The Prophets, CORES (in collaboration with Rick Silva) and INDEX, AVENUE, SKYLIGHT. Since the myth of Plato's cave, the "underground" has been the locus of many stories: in the Western literary tradition, underground environments have functioned as a mental landscape, a social terrain, an ideological path or a place inhabited by hidden realities. The reasons for venturing underground can be multiple: a quest for scientific truth, technological power, aesthetic inspiration, or an attempt to escape a natural and ecological disaster. Nicolas Sassoon uses animation techniques from the early days of computer graphics to manifest a range of shapes and figures - visually encoded by pixelated patterns and limited color palettes. The artist uses this imagery for its optical and pictorial properties, as well as for its poetic qualities and limitations in terms of representation. Nicolas Sassoon's work often explores the contemplative, fantastic and projective dimensions of our screen space, and how digital imagery can express optical, architectural and sculptural qualities in relation to physical space.


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