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Ocean, an unusual dive

90 min visit

Grand Gallery of Evolution - Museum national d'Histoire naturelle
3 Apr → 5 Jan 2020
Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed Tuesday.

« Would you like to dive into the ocean? Quickly discover the beauties of the seabed. That's fantastic!  »

Exploration of microscopic life, extreme environments, deep-sea fauna, Southern Ocean, etc. The "Ocean, an unusual dive" exhibition is an underwater odyssey that allows you, along an immersive journey, to discover incredible treasures, from the life of plankton to strange animals such as the Coelacanth and the Régalec. With an educational objective, while being fun, the Museum's Great Evolution Gallery immerses you in the heart of the biodiversity of the oceans. The exhibition is divided into five parts comprising scenographic and audiovisual devices, with projections, a wide choice of photographs, paintings and models, as well as reproductions of specimens, such as a giant squid. A journey below the surface that invites people to become aware of the richness of the marine environment and alerts them to the threats that human activities pose to it. You lose your bearings, you surf the unknown. We are totally transported into a fantastic world. Jules Verne is not far away and delighted our pupils.


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