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Olivier Nattes. Being a world

40 min visit

20 Aug → 19 Sep 2021
From Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm. Sunday from 2pm to 6pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday

« A stimulating return to the roots! »

Olivier Nattes is a multidisciplinary artist who explores natural, random and living phenomena. Through drawings, sculptures, installations or monumental works, he studies the relationship between nature, science and ourselves, the humans. For this exhibition, which is taking place as part of the 8th edition of Paréidolie, the international contemporary drawing fair, the French artist is unveiling his latest plastic research on the experimental stage of the Frac PACA. Olivier Nattes starts from the principle that "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". This is a rule that he applies in his daily life but also, and above all, in his artistic practice. Why make something new in order to create when you could very well do it with existing tools? For Olivier Nattes, these tools are vegetable, natural or mineral. This way of thinking is nowadays anchored in the customs of many of us. Recycling and transforming are natural gestures which, according to him, allow us to "rediscover a harmonious and sensitive link with the living. And it is this link that he tries to put at the heart of his work. To be worldly is precisely to be one with nature, with oneself.


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