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On the water's edge - James Casabere

60 min visit

Galerie Templon
11 Jan → 7 Mar 2020
From Tue to Sat, from 10 a.m to 7 p.m. Closed Sun & Mon

« A remarkable new photographic series. To be discovered quickly!  »

The landscapes in his photographs are strange. Familiar and surreal, heavy with meaning but empty of life. For this new exhibition, James Casebere once again asserts himself as a master of staging. The artist is a creator of landscapes. Each of his works begins with the construction of an architectural model, which he then photographs in a meticulous mise en image. The materials used (plaster, cardboard or polystyrene) contribute to the creation of a realistic universe. Yet, empty and left to themselves, these spaces go beyond reality and push us to imagine a story for them. The perception of the work becomes symbolic, even dreamlike. In On the water's edge, James Casebere questions the current disasters linked to rising water levels. In his photographs, houses are set in flooded landscapes. Nature, itself in danger, has become dangerous, yet strong pavilions stand there, sanctuaries ready to welcome refugees who are victims of climate change. His critical and optimistic outlook leads us to imagine the consequences and solutions, possible models of survival like his own.


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