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Visual art

Orbites 2019

40 min visit

Atrium Magnetic, Beaugrenelle Paris
12 Sep → 7 Nov 2019
From Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8:30 pm. Sunday 11 am to 7 pm.

« A work composed of 7000 leds. A first for the artist. An artistic and technological achievement! »

Art in a shopping mall! This is Beaugrenelle Paris' commitment since its opening. With Miguel Chevalier's "Orbites 2019" exhibition, Beaugrenelle Paris invites visitors to enter an innovative artistic universe composed of works animated by infinite plays of light that give them a unique character. Under the curatorial direction of Jérôme Neutres, the exhibition is composed of two dynamic works of light: "Orbites 2019", a monumental sculpture suspended under the glass roof of the atrium and "La Table des Convivialités 2019", an interactive digital installation presented on level -1 of the atrium. "Orbites 2019" is a sculpture-installation of light composed of 9 rings arranged in cascade and traversed by 7000 LEDS controlled by an auto-generative software, and which takes place 14 meters high in the heart of the atrium. Different coloured light choreographies are generated in real time. They bring the rings to life and constantly transform the volume of the sculpture. Specially designed for Beaugrenelle, "Orbites 2019" is an innovative work on light and time. As for "La Table des Convivialités 2019", it combines real and virtual, technology and poetry. Different graphic tables composed of pixels, line networks, curves follow each other randomly. Visitors are invited to caress the table top with their hands, and by this gesture disorganize the apparent order of these virtual worlds, constantly creating new compositions. Thanks to this technique, Miguel Chevalier adds a participatory dimension to the general process and, more than ever before, as Marcel Duchamp said a century ago, "it is the viewers who make the picture".


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