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Ouka Leele

60 min visit

Galerie VU
24 Jan → 29 Feb 2020
From Thu to Fri 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Sat from 2 pm to 6:30 pm. Closed Sun.

« A unique opportunity to (re)discover the teeming work of a Movisa figure!  »

Nostalgic for the Movida? for its freedom of expression and its mythical figures. Then go to the Vu gallery, which is devoting an exhibition to Ouka Leele, an emblematic figure of the "Movida", the Spanish movement that followed the fall of Franco's dictatorship. Her first love was painting, before she found in photography everything she was looking for in a medium for her art. No tragic end to the love story here, but a reinvention! Ouka Leele's work is a perpetual encounter, a crossroads: painting and photography; the fantasy of the compositions and the poetry of the thoughts they deliver; the tenderness of the pastels and the screaming tearing of an assumed kitsch. Ouka embodies the creative freedom that was created there, a freedom from the weight of convention and renewed passion. The photographer has developed a language and a writing that belongs to her alone. She stages incongruous objects, subversively writes portraits and casts doubt on the medium used with her watercolour repainting. Her work is unpredictable, baroque, with fascinating, unfathomable poetry.


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