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Contemporary art

Our world is burning!

60 min visit

Palais de Tokyo
15 Jun → 13 Sep 2020
From Wednesday to Monday from 12 am to Midnight. Closed Tuesday.

« A major exhibition of contemporary art that takes a committed look at contemporary creation from the Persian Gulf!  »

Conflicts that never quite cease, forests that burn from the Amazon to Siberia, but also the democratic impetus that animates the Arab regions... From these issues, "Our World is Burning" appeals. In this exhibition, Abdellah Karroum, director of MATHAF (Arab Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Qatar), brings together contemporary artists engaged from the Persian Gulf. The title explicitly refers to the human dramas generated by the successive conflicts in this region, while integrating in a broader way the ecological disasters embodied by the immense destructive forest fires from the Amazon to Siberia via California, but fire is also the symbol of the artist-poet who acts as a scout. Here, the artists create a history of modernity, combining political reflection and poetic experience. Their works are all attempts to resist the violence of our capitalist era. The goal? To renew the links between art and history, between the artist and his creative context, by formulating the thorny questions of the present day: combining old and new ways of existing in the world, writing a postcolonial (art) history, the restitution of works of art by the West, climatic emergencies and democratic emergencies... In this exhibition, the Palais de Tokyo recalls the fruitful link that has existed, and exists, between the West and the Arab worlds by proposing itself as a relay space for their contemporary creations.


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