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Parisians. In the lens of Nikos Aliagas.

25 min visit

Hôtel de Ville
20 Apr → 10 May 2021

« The TV host swaps the microphone for the camera! »

If you didn't know it yet, Nikos Aliagas is a talented photographer! This is not the first time he has shown his pictures to the general public: Corps et âmes, Épreuve du temps and Missolonghi, la ville de mes ancêtres already presented his superb black and white photographs. Here, the faces and silhouettes of the capital's inhabitants adorn the gates of the majestic Town Hall. Smiles and anonymous glances are captured with a simplicity that reveals the timelessness of Paris. They are booksellers, florists, gendarmes, dancers, hairdressers or simple passers-by... They are Parisians! Nikos Aliagas began photographing strangers he met in the street out of "fear of not seeing them again". More than a hobby, it became a real passion that he has never abandoned. "I photograph to try to understand everything that words do not say. The image does not judge, it is the man who judges it. I never forget a face that crosses my field of vision. I have this strange feeling that it is his gaze that possesses us and observes us, beyond the frame [...] We are all the stranger of someone starting with ourselves. I cannot distinguish a known face from that of a stranger, I like faces for what they reveal of the inner world of the people who wear them. Doubt leads me not to believe in what I see but to believe in what I feel. " This beautiful and original open-air exhibition will keep you waiting for a few more days before the museums reopen!


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