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IESA - Art&Culture
26 Sep → 3 Oct 2021
From mon to fri. 8am - 8:30pm

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This exhibition of figurative painting has as its main subject the metamorphosis: that of the paintings, some of which are transformed over time and according to the desires of the painter; that of the butterfly, represented on certain canvases; that of the emerging artist who tends to fly of his own wings. Generally speaking, it's the painting and the way of working it that intrigues Paul Curti. He never stops experimenting and questioning painting: what is its nature, its possible evolution over time, its different forms, starting with photographs from his childhood. Between figuration and abstraction, Paul reworks some of these works by painting new elements on the canvas. He corrects them, modifies them pictorially without entirely changing their nature. The metamorphosis holds an essential place in the whole of his work, as much in the technique as in the subjects represented. These canvases in various formats invite us to enter his colorful and personal universe. This exhibition is a project born from the collaboration between a young painter from the Beaux-Arts of Paris, and a future curator.


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