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Pierre Gaignard & Roy Köhnke. HYPER CARBONE

60 min visit

Eric Mouchet Gallery
29 May → 4 Sep 2021
From Monday to Saturday 11 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Sunday.

« The two artists offer us a moment suspended in time! »

Pierre Gaignard's work is mostly composed of digital images. Whether through 3D reconstruction or virtual images of all kinds, he manages to dematerialize reality by anchoring them in the past. These hybrid memories with their ghostly appearance seem ancient and at the same time frozen in an eternal present. Out of time, Pierre Gaignard controls history. Roy Köhnke's work takes the form of videos and sculptures related to the human body - at least at first sight! The more one observes them, the more one wonders to whom (or what) these skeletons belong: human or animal, these hybrid carcasses sometimes look as if they belong to aliens. For this duo exhibition, it is quite natural that the two artists collaborate on the theme they have in common: the hybridisation of a collective imagination. With fire and combustion, they create unique pieces to give life to anamorphoses of the unconscious, materialized by fire, carbon, coal or slash. In this way, the two artists weave a link between a past reborn from its ashes and a present that has been totally stopped in time.


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