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Pilar Albarracín EXTENSION

50 min visit

Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois
28 Feb → 25 Jun 2020
From Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Sunday.

« If you like to be rushed, go and see this new exhibition of the Spanish artist. Strong works, a committed artist!  »

Pilar Albarracín's work is made of blasphemous gestures. The artist, of Andalusian origin, questions, overturns and even destroys the patriarchal ideology and religious morality deeply rooted in this region of Spain. From Flamenco to Catholic rituals, bullfighting and Baroque art, the artist takes each of these traditions and appropriates them. His actions, photographs, embroideries and misappropriated objects, all of which are filled with undisguised anger, deconstruct the roles of men and women and invite us to become aware of what is forbidden, what is missing, what is absent. In this exhibition, Albarracín explores the tradition of Holy Week in Seville, during which the entire city commemorates the Passion of Christ and lives to the rhythm of plural and themed processions. The artist plays with the theatricality of these rituals to create images with powerful symbolic power, tinged with violence and irony. By taking up the codes of the dominant ideologies, she rejects the weight of taboos and morality. Through her work, she claims the right to dispose of her body, the right to self-determination.


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