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Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil. When spring comes.

45 min visit

In Situ Fabienne Leclerc
22 Nov → 17 Jan 2021
From Wednesday to Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

« A journey through time in perfect harmony with today's world »

"When spring comes" is a message of hope that did not last long with the first confinement. This exhibition was conceived just before the second one. The gallery has since reopened to our great pleasure! "When spring comes" is also and above all the beginning of the poem "The Herdsman" by Fernando Pessoa. It continues as follows: "If I am already dead/ the flowers will bloom in the same way/ and the trees will be no less green/ than last spring/ reality does not need me". It ends: "I like everything to be real and accurate". The work of Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil and Fernando Pessoa complement each other. The visual artist also deals with disappearance, death and ghosts. A relationship between present and past that has been recurring in his work for several years. For this original exhibition, the gallery space has been thought out in an almost ghostly way, following the example of these works. For it is a place that remained empty and deserted from any human presence for a while. Press cuttings are hung in the staircase: as you go up the stairs, discover the works of Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil in the collectors' flats, which are also empty... This series, "Tu vai mieux que ça", is the passage from one reality to another but also from one space to another. The echoes of the video broadcast on the first floor call us to go upstairs. These are images of escape that are filmed, totally the opposite of what is currently happening in France and in Europe where a possible confinement is being prepared for the third time. Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil likes to mix politics, current events and emotions. It is a journey within the gallery itself that we are making. Just take a close look at the sculpture "Spin Off" composed of a drone: without moving, it is possible to see the world and discover spaces that were initially invisible. In addition to this, there are images in the background: in "Spin Off", the people in the photographs are nevertheless very real. But they are transformed into mirages, simple silhouettes filled by a starry sky. These stars are essential in Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil's work: they represent lost beings, ghosts. And yet they exist! As for the second floor, it is a curious space where we can see, among others, the Auguste-Dormeuil family saying "Confinement! Disconfinement! ». Finally, we enter a third dimension where the images seem to us both so close and so far away. Dream or reality, we are lost in the universe of Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil.


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