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Contemporary art

Renaud Jerez Acceleration

40 min visit

Galerie Crèvecœur
28 Sep → 26 Oct 2019
From Wednesday to Saturday 12 pm to 6 pm. Closed Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.

« An emerging artist with a protean work that is worth a visit!  »

We are pleased to introduce you to the work of Renaud Jerez, a French artist known as "emerging" on the occasion of his third exhibition at the Crèvecoeur gallery. With "Acceleration", Renaud Jerez revisits his previous series and inaugurates a new corpus of pictorial works through the examination of historical figures and their personal and artistic impact. Renaud Jerez's practice can be read both in a deeply personal and highly referential way. In sculpture, painting, his various series emerge from a process of internalization and regeneration of his sources resulting from the study of artists and historical thinkers. They are also informed by the singularity of their own visual vocabulary and biography. Jerez's in-depth study of artists takes the path of stylistic borrowing and misuse. The works produced thus teleguide other figures - Maurice Denis, Matisse and Edward Burra - while bearing the mark of his own work. Throughout the exhibition, his paintings from his new "Acceleration" series stand out as non-objective works made up of several layers and flat areas of bright colours delicately painted in oil. Flat and frontal surfaces are obscured, erased before reappearing. This is reflected in the painting "En finir avec les solutions", which plays with the ideas of decoy, charm and trap emanating from the artist's body language. Accélération, 2019, exhibition view, Crèvecœur, Paris. © Aurélien Mole


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