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Modern art

Revival Versailles 1867 - 1937

75 min visit

Palace of Versailles
19 Nov → 15 Mar 2020
From Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Closed on Monday.

« An original exhibition to rediscover the fascinating history of the Palace of Versailles! »

Visit the Hall of Mirrors, imagine Marie-Antoinette at Le Trianon, enjoy the Grandes Eaux des jardins, discover the works of art of the castle and the gardens of Le Nôtre. Versailles is an emblematic monument, known internationally. Its legend was created a hundred years after the French Revolution, at the dawn of the "Belle Époque". A spectacular phenomenon of craze and nostalgia developed around the Versailles of the Ancien Régime. As a major programme of restoration of the castle began, the gardens were used for aristocratic celebrations and popular tourism, and the Republic held its assemblies in Versailles. This survival, artistic circles strive to freeze its image, fascinated by what it reflects. Through Proust's texts, Atget's photographs or the most diverse painters, Versailles is written and inscribed in everyone's mind. Nearly 350 works will bring to life this "Revival Versailles", which built all the symbolism of the place, made immortal.


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