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Rotraut in Saint Tropez

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Linda and Guy Pieters Foundation
2 Jul → 10 Oct 2021
Every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed on Sunday afternoons and Mondays.

« This summer, the sculptures of the German-French artist invade the streets of Saint-Tropez for our greatest pleasure! »

Rotraut's work follows in the footsteps of her brother, Günther Uecker, also a painter and sculptor, and a leading member of the German group ZERO. The cosmos is a recurring motif in Rotraut's work, particularly in the Galaxies she has been making since the beginning of her career in 1956. Her technique has not changed since then: her wood-mounted canvases are coated with drops of white paste and covered with Indian ink or black paint. Rotraut then scratches the canvas to reveal points of light and create a constellation. Later, she adds motifs inspired by the Universe and the celestial vault, such as suns, moons, comets etc... In addition to her relief paintings, Rotraut also makes large sculptures in ceramic, marble, metal, wood, bronze, plastic... Find her sculptures in the cobbled streets of Saint-Tropez! Very early on, Rotraut wanted to become an artist. She moved to Nice to live with Armand Fernandez, who was none other than the famous Arman and friend of her brother. There she met Yves Klein, with whom she moved to Paris shortly afterwards. Although Rotraut was a true artist, she helped Yves Klein in his creations, who became her husband in 1962. Following the death of her husband the same year, she married Daniel Moquay. They went to Ibiza and then returned to the Paris region. Since 1982, they have lived in Arizona.


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