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Sculpture XXe

Sammy Baloji. Johari, Brass Band

20 min visit

RMN - Grand Palais
20 Oct → 4 Mar 2021
From Thu to Mon from 10 am to 8 pm. Nocturnal Wed until 10 pm. Closed Tue.

« Presented simultaneously with Diana Velasquez's posters, Sammy Baloji's monumental sculptures will keep you waiting for the museums to open! »

In association with the Africa2020 Season, the Rmn-Grand Palais invites the Congolese Sammy Baloji to invest the North façade of the building. Three sculptures, each 3 meters high, are displayed on the Champs-Elysées Clémenceau side. They are a direct reference to the great brass instruments, wind instruments brought to the United States with the French sent by Louis XVI and abandoned on site following their defeat against the British. They were recovered by the locals and allowed the creation of the Jazz Brass Band, especially in New Orleans. The brass instruments represented here are integrated into metal structures that take the form of the Joharis, ores from Katanga present in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The sculptures were deliberately damaged by the artist to denounce the colonial presence in his native country, which led to the eradication of traditional Congolese practices. They are placed respectively on an enormous stone pedestal at the entrance of the Grand Palais. The artist wanted to represent Africa's re-appropriation of its own history and culture. But that's not all! In addition to being able to approach his works, you will also be able to listen to a playlist specially created for the occasion by Mo Laudi! Specialized in Afro-electronic music, Mo Laudi is a South African artist, DJ and producer. With this playlist of 100 tracks entitled Johari Brass Band - Sammy Baloji invites Mo Laudi, he wanted to transcribe the fusion between different world music to create an interconnected global fanfare. This joint project revolves around reflection on the colonial past of the Congo, but also of South Africa and New Orleans. Let yourself be transported by listening to this imaginary fanfare that features the world's greatest hits, brass band version.


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